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Currently, I am proud to be the Executive Producer of a company, “Pigs Do Fly Productions.” Our mission is to highlight actors over 50, living their lives in interesting, involved and exciting ways. We comprise 100 million of the 300 million Americans. The company does plays about those of us over 50.

Welcome to my Web, welcome to my world as an actress. My resume on the web outlines some of my acting credits. I thought that you might be interested in knowing a few things about me other than what is listed. Prior to entering this profession full time, I was fortunate enough to have had successful careers in other fields that assist me greatly in being a better actor. I am a former teacher, having worked at all levels, teaching a variety of subjects with a diverse student population. Most recently I was a College Instructor of Criminology and Criminal Justice. I also was a government lobbyist working with the State Legislature specializing in transportation issues.

Both of these professions have not only made me knowledgeable in their respective fields but also make me very comfortable in doing such things as being a spokesperson, public speaking and acting.

I hope you will enjoy my site. Thank you for reading and watching the video.

Ellen Wacher